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I think I ripped this out of the ELLE magazine for July 2012 – if you all can definitively ID where I got this clipping that would be fab! Regardless, I saw this review and I kind of flipped out. I had heard a lot of stuff about BB cream, at the time (month+ ago) most especially from my girl Shasta Anne, and since I am pale and have pretty “blah” skin I thought this makeup might be great to add to my routine.

So I went to my local Sephora (at Regency Square, just like the beauty product expert ladies at Her Late Night Cravings, and I was directed to the adorable Hannah. She was so helpful. We talked about how I had tried a Sephora deluxe sample of Dr. Brandt, and that it was far too orange on my skin, and that I thought maybe Dr. Jart would work better with my skin tone. She and I talked about the differences in the BB creams on the market, my skin care routine, and we decided she would do a half of my face just so I could compare and contrast. Once I removed my makeup she put it on and it looked so wonderful! I bought a bottle without hesitation (close up of box below).
When I use it in the AM, I apply a thin layer of my Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base ($52.00 at Sephora) first.

I then gently shake the BB cream bottle and squirt some of the product into my hand. I will tell you that a little bit of this product goes a long way. Some of the other brands you have to apply more, but with Dr. Jart I can tell you less is more! I maybe put a half a teaspoon on my face/ears/neck/up to hairline. It is certainly less product than my favorite foundation (which I am not sure I will need anymore…). I then apply my bronzer (anyone else do the E and 3 trick?) and a faint layer of blush. It really has shortened my morning routine by about 20 minutes!
While in Sephora, I also purchased this eye shadow quad pack. It was in the checkout line and only $7. I see it was sold online but it is sold out so there is no longer an active online link. It was called SEPHORA COLLECTION Silk Shadow Quad in Ballroom romance. I will tell you that this set is perfect for the big fall “new smoky” eye trend. They (beauty directors of magazines) are saying that copper/bronze are the new tones of this look.
I am not sure I will ever touch the pure copper color on the bottom right, but the other three I use everyday. I use the light gold-pink shimmer up to my brow bone (upper left), the light bronze wash all over my lid (upper right), and the deep bronze to shade in my crease (lower left). It looks really great together. And for night I just more heavily apply the medium and darker colors. These are all true shadows and if you use a brush they apply very lightly but are easy to layer! Don’t be intimidated by the colors!

To finish off my eyes, I use the Make Up For Ever white kohl pencil ($17 at Sephora) to line my lower eyes since I use contact lenses which tend to make my eyes look smaller. White pencil also helps to brighten the eye. It really is an easy thing I do even on weekends now for a quick makeup application. I had never used this product before but I had seen others use it and hopped on the bandwagon!

I also needed a new mascara. Due to my wearing contacts, my eyes are sensitive to products. I also have ridiculously long lashes. So long, that if I do not curl them in the AM I normally have to take out my lenses mid-day because the lashes will curl into my eyes! So I live with my eyelash curler and need a good mascara. I used one from Clinique for about 7 months but it has been flaking off and irritating my eyes, which disappoints me as it was brand new and doing it from the start – esp when Clinique is derm rec’d and hypoallergenic! I needed a change so Sephora rec’d two different products. The first is the above – Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash mascara in Deep Brown ($23 at Sephora). It is a big fat brush (like I think MAC and Benefit mascaras have) and it is a true brown. Not these ridiculous “black-brown” colors some drug stores sell. I need a legit brown as my eyes are green and gold so the black just sucks the color out – this brown complements them well! This mascara holds a curl well and lengthens the lashes too.

To prevent flaking and to create a waterproof layer, the girls at Sephora rec’d to me the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius Waterproof Topcoat in clear ($21 at Sephora). This product is amazing. It keeps my lashes soft and pliable, they have not had breakage issues, this product is definitely waterproof (wedding-planning bridal meltdowns, anyone?), and makes it so that I do not need to add a second layer of mascara at all – even when I am going for 12 hours. I highly rec’d it!

If you are a Sephora VIB member, be sure to do some shopping this week as you get double points on every merchandise purchase from today until Sunday the 26th! I was not a member until this year – buying lots of products lately that I hope to write another rec’d to you all soon!

Do you all think I am missing out on any products? Be sure to visit Her Late Night Cravings, Shasta Anne, PIPMegan, and then save some money thanks to Muffy Martini’s recent buys – she had some luck on new products and then was disappointed by one – click on the links to get lots of current beauty recs!

[photos shown are a mix of my own as well as © 2012 Sephora USA, Inc.]

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23 thoughts on “Recent Sephora purchases

  1. You are welcome! Let me know what you think of it if you get it! I am so pale, but I think it would work well -I think- if I get a tan this weekend in Vegas, too. 🙂

  2. I've also been interested in trying BB Cream. I'm on the look-out for a good one, and I've heard Dr. Jart is very good. Thank you for the information!

  3. I need to try a BB cream. I'll have to make a trip to AIx so I can pop into Sephora 🙂
    And isn't the white eyeliner trick brilliant! It really makes my eyes pop!

  4. Oh DEAR ME do I miss having a Sephora around! For whatever reason, they are not in the UK. The closest one to me is France…..or New York…..I'll be in the US in November…..and I'm ammassing a Sephora cash pile just for that!

  5. You are so welcome – there are a LOT out there so I def would say you need to get a lot of testers or samples to try as so many don't have shades or their “shades” are REALLY off on some skintones!

  6. Let me know if you try it and like it. I kind-of felt like since he was one of the first to go out there and really produce and sell it that his is probably what others strive to be like! And it wasn't as expensive as I thought, either!

  7. It really has changed how fast I am ready in the morning, I think one thing to really look out for is how it blends into your skin around your nose and above your lip – I caught myself yesterday almost forgetting to really blend it in there!

    I love the eyeliner trick. Def helps!

  8. I had never used them until the Sephora girl suggested those two products for my needs (on two diff occasions) – so I am so happy with how great those products are, and look forward to buying more too when I need them!

  9. Great make-up bag update! I need to get myself some bronze-y eye shadows to update my smokey eye (which is my nighttime go-to look). Also, really curious about those two mascaras. Thanks for sharing. – Carla

  10. I never thought about that – it is so weird that they ship to APOs and Canada.. and now I am looking on the website… Czech Republic, Netherlands, Spain, China, Italy, Romania, Brazil, Greece, Portugal, Mexico, France, Poland, Turkey…

    Why the heck aren't they in the UK?! That is so strange to me.

  11. I bet your local Sephora store might have this palette – it was in the checkout line at mine! Also, the mascara and top coat really are fantastic. I love how easy they are to apply and the difference they make.

  12. You will love Sephora in NYC! I went there back in 1998 after the first one opened there and was sold. They basically did an ultrasound of my skin (back when I had horrible acne) and they literally saved my face. It went from 40-year-old person face to where it is currently. So amazing.

  13. You got some excellent products!! We've heard so many great things about the Dr. Jart. And so glad you got Hannah. She is fabulous! Sounds like we might need to have a meet up at Sephora! 🙂

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  14. You ladies are the experts – for serious! I am having fun being inspired by you all and trying new things. Dr. Jart really does take the cake. I think we should DEF do a meet up at Sephora- make up for the time I missed y'alls event!


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