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Back in May I was contacted by Anjolee jewelry about possibly reviewing one of their items for sale. To be perfectly honest, I wrote back and forth with the company due to how they wanted my sponsored post to turn up, and I held firm that I needed an item that represented what my readers would be interested in buying. I am happy to say we found an arrangement, and right before July 4th I received a beautiful custom piece of jewelry from the company.

Anjolee offers many different kinds of jewelry such as diamond pendants, tennis bracelets, rings, and gemstone jewelry. What I chose was the Round Gemstone and Diamond Pendant (Style No. SP56-Gem) with a sapphire and 10k white gold. The size of the sapphire would be equivalent to a 0.50 carat diamond. I am delighted by this piece of jewelry as it is delicate, elegant but understated enough to wear to my office.
The jewelry arrived at the house in great shape even though the mailer was a bit dented, so I was happy when I found that the necklace was packaged in its very own wood box. I feel like this presentation is much better than the average necklace one orders today, even Tiffany’s gives just little jewelry bags for purchases less than $1,000!
The box looks lovely on my jewelry chest and even M commented on how nice it was for when we travel (just stick it in my suitcase and go). The liner is faux leather but the wood really is the most important part – it is sturdy!
The website is fun to use when you want to play around with jewelry. If you are one who likes to order jewelry and do not have an established fine jeweler you work with in person, online shopping can be quite rewarding. I enjoy the site since you can pick an item, then choose the metal type, see how the price changes, and adjust it as needed. Likewise with carat size of the stone(s), gemstone(s) selected, item length, and stone quality.

For example, if I was ordering the Diamond and Oval Gemstone Drop Earrings, and chose platinum, 1.31 carats, VS clarity/FG color, and sapphires, my price is $1,134.04. If I adjust it a bit, let’s say: 14K white gold, same carat weight (1.31 carats), SI-2 clarity/FG color, and stick with sapphires I would be down to $787.93. You really can set your own budget and find pieces that match that price point! I thought that was pretty cool. I would definitely recommend this website to others.

Also, guys who may be reading this while frantically searching for a gift for a significant other: Anjolee offers a great return policy. Anjolee has a 30 day, full refund policy. You will receive a full refund on all orders if you are unsatisfied with the order for any reason. The timeframe of 30 days begins with the date the customer receives the order from Anjolee, not the shipping date.

Disclosure: I was given a free product by Anjolee to write this post. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.

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