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I am simply in love with online store Simply Beach! They contacted me in April to do a review of some product and to explore their website, and I am so very happy and impressed with them.

Seafolly Beach Crush Parklife Dress in Coral, £53.00.

Simply Beach, and her sister companies of Simply Scuba, Simply Swim, Simply Sweat, and Simply Hike, are all directed towards women looking for superior womenswear. The company, based out of the UK, primarily sells lingerie, bra-sized swimwear, and athletic gear – but has other garments available depending on the season.

Gottex Seychelles Beach Kaftan in Pacific Blue, £220.00.

When Simply Beach first approached me, I wanted to consider my options of what I could review. I know some of us are funny about talking about undergarments, but due to my background in lingerie I know you guys are aware that I am unafraid to talk about it! Besides, even with all of the growing popularity in bra-fitting since about 2005, 8/10 women still wear the wrong size. I don’t care if you are comfortable, you likely are wearing the wrong size!

Fantasie San Jose Underwire Bikini Set in Hibiscus, £56.50 for set.

And all of those reading who are in the US, wondering, “Why would you do a review for a UK-based company?” Well, I can tell you that this company sent me my products via air mail and they arrived in less than 5 business days! In fact, you can shop the site in 3 different forms of currency, and Simply Beach ships to 200 different countries. So ladies, if you love something that I feature today, please feel free to order it!

So one of the major product lines they offer is designer lingerie. Some of my favorite brands are UK-based lingerie companies: Fantasie and Freya. Ironically, these two companies are actually owned by the same lingerie parent group, called Eveden Limited. This group offers bras from multiple brands with sizes ranging from the B cup to the N cup; 28 band to 52 band.

One of the items I received from Simply Beach was the Fantasie Samantha Strapless Bra which I ordered in Ivory in 32DD. As a bride-to-be, I was not sure if this dress would work with my wedding gown, but I knew I wanted a classy set of ivory bridal lingerie just in case. This bra is simply gorgeous on.

I am fairly certain I will be ordering from Simply Beach one of the different “bottoms” to go with this set! It is comfortable, the lace is detailed and not granny-like, and while it is a strapless – it is comfortable. I have been wearing it sporadically for the past two months and it still fits perfectly.

The second item I received from Simply Beach was the Freya Active Underwired Sports Bra which I ordered in Magenta in 32DD. Again, this bra fit me perfectly. I wanted a comfortable sports bra that was not poorly-shaped. Due to my breast tissue, I don’t want them to budge when I am running, at Pilates or working with my kettle bells, but I also do not want them to feel crushed. This bra does not move but it is incredibly comfortable. Yes, you are aware of the underwire but in all honesty, you should be, you don’t get to change out your breasts and the ones you have need to be cared for. This bra keeps things shaped naturally under my UnderArmour and lululemon tank tops and offers wonderful support. I would highly recommend this sports bra to anyone who is looking for one.

How to figure out your bra size… well, you could go to Nordstrom or a boutique to be fitted, and that is probably a way better option than Victoria’s Secret. Hands down. However, some of you might like to get an idea on your size by measuring at home before going to the store.

Here are my tips:Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your bust line. This is above your natural waist, just under where your breast tissue starts at the bottom. Measure around the back, being sure to follow an even line around your back, keeping your posture straight. That number is your band size. Some people go up, but mine measures 31″ and I have worn a 32 band since college without issue or discomfort.

Next, measure for your cup size. This part varies from store to store, and it may be awkward for many people, and often stores are not this ‘hands on’ unless the customer is really unhappy with their current size and just does not care. This might be where measuring at home before you go to a store might come in handy. Measure from the bottom of your breast tissue again, up to the nipple. So basically, you are bringing your measuring tape up your chest. For me, this is 5″ which equals an E cup or DD (normally a DD in US brands is an E cup in UK brands, but it varies by brand). A demi or half cup bra will only go in a DD, for me, if there is no push up involved. If there is, then normally an E is a better fit.

I really was impressed by Simply Beach. Their website is easy to navigate, you can change currency or country by the click of a button, and their sale section is quite large. Their size range options are extensive and their customer service department is excellent. I highly recommend that you check them out!

Disclosure: I was offered multiple forms of compensation by Simply Beach. Given that the store was new to me, I asked to try out two free products to review. These gifts-in-kind were my compensation. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company. Everything I have written here is exclusively based on my experience with Simply Beach and my background in lingerie. All photos included in this post were from Simply Beach.

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24 thoughts on “Online store review: Simply Beach

  1. It's cool that you get to review a store and some products under a category you have experience in. The bra looked really beautiful. I might have to check their bathing suits for my upcoming vacation. – Carla

  2. Great! I am always looking for more brands that sell undergarments. I am so sick of Victoria Secret all the time! Fun review!

  3. OOh I haven't heard of this, but I definitely like their styles and how their flowy their dresses are…I like how you wrote so in detail about their items and i love that they arrived so fast, that's so important when ordering clothes


  4. Dale – the dresses are flowy and the one tropical-printed kaftan is 100% silk – so gorgeous! Don't miss out on all of the fun swimsuits, too.

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  6. What an excellent service, sometimes it takes me longer to receive something from London and I'm in Scotland!

  7. Thanks for your honest and thorough review! I've never heard of this brand before, but I'm always looking for good quality bras. I'm definitely going to keep them in mind for my next undergarment purchase.

    Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  8. Mendi – you should definitely check them out – they carry brands that Nordstrom sells but in completely different styles – so at least then you can make sure your sizing is right if you find something you love!

  9. Just catching up a bit from being on vacation. I should probably go to Nordstrom and have a proper fitting. Great review!! I had not heard of Simply Beach before!
    Have a great weekend!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

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