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So the aqua blue binder on the top is part of the Martha Stewart collection at Staples, and the green binder on the bottom is the published Martha Stewart “Keepsake Wedding Planner.” I bought the Keepsake Wedding Planner when we first were engaged over two years ago and quickly realized that it was too small and contained extra stuff I did not need.

Until Grits wrote about the Martha Stewart collection at Staples, I had no idea it was even there. Read her blog post on it here. Since then, I have happily purchased pieces for my office as well as items to improve upon my existing wedding planner… First things first, a new binder! I think I bought these in probably right before Easter as I started putting it together then.
Here are the number of tabs and one of the sections in the published Keepsake planner. The sections and dividers are great but occasionally some sections were long-winded. It was annoying that the binder quickly filled up (see below).It made it hard to add any magazine clippings, business cards, or brochures from vendors.This sheet DOES come with the Keepsake planner, so I knew I has to keep it since it saves me a lot of space, and they did not have anything in the current Staples Martha Stewart collection like it (at least at my local store).So I purchased the aqua binder, these dividers, and a couple of the paper packages: Notes and Calendar. Great prices and that trademark Martha Stewart minimalist approach.The above calendar page came with the Martha Stewart Keepsake book. So small! You can barely write anything in it which was so frustrating for me. I used it to fill out the new binder and then I recycled it.This wedding timeline is from the Keepsake book, and I did keep it as it helps me monitor everything I could think of leading up to our wedding.Here is my main to do list (above). You can see the formatting here for these sheets which I bought separately. I think it was a packet of 50? And the lined sheet is college-ruled size, with the part on the far right being a detachable part which will be great if I am running to Michaels or the store for something.This Guest List Planner came from the Keepsake planner and I photocopied it enough times to include all of our wedding list in paper copy. I do have an online and electronic copy, but I like checking things off of a list, too.The Important Contacts list came from the Keepsake planner as well. I use my copies of it for vendors and additional contacts (Clerk of Court for the license, etc.).This Seating Planner came from the Keepsake planner, too. See what I mean about this published planner having many useful features? I had to photocopy this several times just in case we need it for a shower, rehearsal dinner as well as the reception.
One major missing feature of the Martha Stewart Keepsake planner is there were no pockets in the back and front of the binder. The Staples Martha Stewart binder have a heavy duty pocket, which you can see here I keep our premarital counseling papers in.
So here is the binder with our combined planners. I carry it to work everyday and travel with it. Planning itself is not too stressful, but this economy is not helping my hiring of vendors. I am now trying to find a new cake decorator as the one we originally hired is closing her business. No pressure, I am just getting married in October. Yikes!!

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17 thoughts on “Wedding plans: my planner

  1. Dalton – thank you! The clippings have helped me keep track of what has a common theme and what doesn't. I have been purging a lot of nautical-themed stuff since we aren't marrying at the beach but in my hometown, so that helped thin a lot of stuff out!

  2. October! Congrats to you guys! On October 3rd I'll celebrate 3 years with my hubby. It will be here soon but it looks like you have everything totally under control. Martha knows her stuff! 🙂

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  3. It seems like October might be the best wedding month of all 🙂

    Martha is definitely helping, but I still am anxious that I will forget something!!

  4. Congrats on your pending nuptials 🙂 Wedding time can be uber stressful, but it looks like you're so well organized. I think the best wedding advice I received (mine was in hot August in TX), was: Delegate duties to trustworthy friends & family members… don't feel like you have to do everything yourself the week of the wedding!

  5. Thank for being informative. My weeding is also in October. i have a wedding folder from Kikki-K ( My is so full it's not funny. Every vendor I went to was impressed how organised I was. Habit of being a High School Teacher I suppose. Good luck with your planning. I still have to get my cake sorted too.

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