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Ahh, decorating the home. Is there anything as fun as owning a space and making it yours? I love dreaming and putting together something beautiful.

“Bouée” napkin ring by Puiforcat. Silverplate, red laquered, handmade. $236.93.

Puiforcat is one of my favorite French brands, and has been around since 1820 when it was founded by Emile Puiforcat. While it was bought out by Hermès in 1996, it still produces some of the finest silver in the world. While not as ornate as some brands (see Tiffany & Co.) it was incredibly influential to many brands that exist today. Some of the Puiforcat family’s earliest designs in jewelry are on display at the Louvre.

The great-grandson of Emile, Jean Puiforcat (pictured above, source), is the one who brought a lot of attention to the family brand, particularly due to his Art Deco designs.

Jeux de Cartes” playing cards designed by Jean Puiforcat in handmade sterling silver case. $3,500.

Today, some of the pieces from Puiforcat’s archives are still made, but like many beautiful things from the past you will be lucky if they cross your path! Otherwise, you can just settle for some pretty incredible silverwear – what they currently focus on.

Champagne stopper from Puiforcat. Silverplate, handmade. $315.90.

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10 thoughts on “Puiforcat lovelies

  1. I agree that decorating the home slowly but with perfect attention to taste and detail is the way to go. Thanks for sharing this brand and its history! – Carla

  2. Thank you Carla for your comment. You are so welcome – the brand is wonderful and is made of incredible quality. I think many of my friends who have apartments think I am crazy for still working on the house!

  3. I love Ethan Allen. There is one right by my place and I go there all the time thinking about about what I would like to purchase and how I would like to style my home with those items!

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