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I know a lot of us have blogged about Kerry‘s brand, Bridier Baubles, already… But I guess we all just want to support our friend! That’s what friends do, right?
I have waited because I did not want to be too redundant and write about her when other people were posting, but I really love this costume jewelry! Everything she brings in is thoughtfully selected and she is always asking her customers for feedback.
Wahoo-wa! Here is my Boca Grande Bib necklace ($30) when it first arrived in its colorful Bridier Baubles packaging!
This bracelet is great with anything simple (black, white eyelet, grey work shifts) or whatever colorful Lilly Pulitzer shift I put on that day with pink in it. The hinge closure is really helpful as well (I always have my hands full). It has 3 shades of pink and fun clear rhinestones throughout.
I always get compliments with these Octopus earrings, which are still available on her website for $20 in cream and yellow! You should definitely get them if you are doing a beach vacation this summer.
The Lulu cuff in green and white – one of the earliest pieces she sold! I always am wearing both!

Here are some of my more recent Bridier Baubles favorites (photo credit for the below goes to KGB/Bridier Baubles):

Sea Glass Necklace, $30

Crab earrings, $20 (perfect for Maryland girls and astrological Cancer sign birthday babies!)

Snake cuff, $24

Campbell Chandelier Earrings in Turquoise, $23

Have you ordered from Bridier Baubles? Be sure to check her out! While KGB is in Europe for her one year anniversary, she has helpers fulfilling orders while she is gone. Restocking will happen shortly after she returns on June 7th at the earliest.

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22 thoughts on “Bridier Baubles jewelry

  1. Oh! Lookie here! I feel honored you responded while on vacay. You are so welcome. I honestly would not do it unless I genuinely loved your stuff! Everything is adorable.

  2. Wonderful! I know you won't be disappointed. I love that they are so light – so many of these bib necklaces weigh you down and these don't!

  3. Post to the Bridier Baubles Facebook page – tell her what pieces you are looking for – she will be happy to try to restock things within a week or two!

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