Only in Lex Vegas

This kind of news would only happen in Lex Vegas, thanks to The Advocate, a wonderful monthly paper:

This the chicken died. She was six. This and [her] friend, That, starred in Anne McClung’s children’s book and video, This, That and the Other Things.

Seriously is my hometown hilarious or what?

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6 thoughts on “Only in Lex Vegas

  1. I seriously cannot make this stuff up. The cover story for this issue was about a man who tried to blow up his house, or threatened to, but fell asleep in his armchair when the police raided the house. That was in Buena Vista and not Lex Vegas though… Crazy!

  2. The column part here is great. It is about 3-4 pages worth. Sometimes mentions deaths, marriages, weird news, sad news, funny news, places opening or closing. I guess This the chicken dying would be in the death/weird/sad/funny categories. Certainly helps keep me up to date with town gossip!

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