Fun fashion find at Ann Taylor LOFT

OOTD: April 4, 2012

LOFT boat neck dress
$70 –

Jigsaw summer cardigan
£119 –

Nine West peep toe high heels
$89 –

J Crew j crew handbag
$348 –

Tiffany Co heart jewelry
$250 –

So this week has, once again, been all about the up-down cycle of temperatures. I wore this outfit on a day when I felt like I was in Florida. Incredibly humid and you honestly want to wear as little clothing as possible. Since that does not work in my field of work… I had to compensate. This dress from Ann Taylor LOFT is wonderful. The dress has a wonderful drape and fits my waist snugly, even at the end of the day, thanks to the gathered waist. The weight is a light poly – so light at first feel you would confuse it with silk. I was not disappointed by the dress as I often am with the cheaper brands. This dress did not look or feel cheap. It is a soft peachy-pink. Not quite a salmon pink but reminiscent of the Claire Danes Golden Globes 2012 dress. I plan on wearing this dress to work in the future, and am excited about how it can easily tradition to a drinks with girlfriends or dinner with the family by adding a cropped jacket or adding some dressier/sexier heels to it. It will look even better once I get some summer color!

The ring is not my engagement ring, but it is a pretty close replica even if it does not have the paves on the band… and the bag is from J.Crew, it is great. I borrowed it from a friend to try the size out to see if I could like it and use it for work but it might just not be the best size for my need – I need something I can comfortably carry my iPad 2, legal redwells, and my fashion magazines in (anyone who subscribes to W knows how weird and wonky their size is compared to everyone else!). I hope to find a quality, satchel-style, leather purse in brown soon. SIGHHHHHH

The shoes I got at Nine West in Charlottesville. It is I think the only store in the state besides their Virginia Beach store. Of all the brands that average less than $100, Nine West always leaves me happy. I cannot ever complain on any shoes I buy there as they hold up to nights out with friends, cobblestones, and work. I honestly went to about eight stores at Short Pump Mall and Stony Point Mall last week and had no luck finding this kind of shoe – I wanted a butterscotch colored leather shoe, not patent, and they were the only place that had something slightly conservative with a heel. I’m pretty happy with that purchase.

Any fun fashion finds for you guys lately?

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7 thoughts on “Fun fashion find at Ann Taylor LOFT

  1. I'm in desperate need of some fun fashion finds! I think I might do a little internet shopping this weekend 🙂
    Absolutely love the dress, the color and drape is so easy and lovely.
    And Nine West never leaves me disappointed either. I don't know if there is one in France but when I lived in Dublin, I shopped there all the time.

  2. Sara – you should do some internet shopping this weekend. Get some Springy treats for yourself! 🙂

    See about a Nine West store. They really have great stuff right now.

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