Classical music loves: Inception

Does anyone else here just adore classical music? Especially highly-charged, intense scores from film?

Take Inception for example. The music carries the film!

Time” by Hans Zimmer is one of my favorites – not sure why but it gets me choked up a little bit!

Here it is on the OST:

Here it is live:

Notice how it is the same? Because classical music that good just does not need to be deviated from!

What is even better is that the OST of Inception is linked to the Édith Piaf “Non, je ne Regrette Rien” that is a major player in the storyline.

Do you have a favorite movie soundtrack that you cannot get enough of?

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2 thoughts on “Classical music loves: Inception

  1. I like classical guitar when I practice yoga and all classical in my Christmas carols. I do love a good score as well. I guess that's the band nerd in me!

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