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You may have heard me mention before how I was trained for several years (10+) to be a professional classical singer (like Charlotte Church). Well, then I realized I did not want to go to a Conservatory in the U.S. and my family was not about to ship me abroad with no expert foreign language skills so… I moved on.

But the passion still exists, and so I love finding musicians around my age that have true talent. Not the makeup/doneup/poked and prodded talent of the MTV world. Better then that, several times over.

This young woman, Melody Gardot, was born in NJ in 1985. So, we’re the same age. And she makes me think of a young Diana Krall mixed with Norah Jones. I picture a rainy day in France at a quiet cafe.

The Beginning

Every artist has a story. Melody’s is at the heart of her music. When she was 19, Melody was hit by a car. During her recovery she used music as a form of therapy, even recording and releasing tracks while still in the hospital. Once out, she started playing around Philadelphia. Before long Universal Records signed her. Her first full-length album, Worrisome Heart, displayed her gift for transforming the traditions of jazz and blues with her intimate and personal sound. It also set a soulful artist with a small but strong following onto the world stage.

Check her out, you will not be disappointed:

(C) 2009 Universal Classics & Jazz

An ad of this young woman from Renault en France:

(C) Universal Classics & Jazz/(C) Renault

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