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She’s unconditionally natural, with a composure that comes from a certain well-lived life.
-quote from Parasol Sun

I came across a new brand of clothing, Parasol, while working on my much-delayed pile of magazines. This brand was highlighted in the January 2012 Town & Country magazine – so check out that story if you still have that issue!

Parasol is a brand I sincerely appreciate. Parasol creates sun-protective apparel for women and girls. They carry shirts, tunics, sarongs, skirts, and are regularly expanding their product line. They offer UPF 50+ protection! Think about how good that is for sensitive skin areas, especially breast tissue (breast cancer also runs in my family) and your chest overall. Learn more about the brand, here.Hibiscus Orange Swim Dress, $275.00

I have been a Roxy wearer of rash guards for many, many years… but I almost feel like they work largely on brand recognition now, it is no longer just a cute coverup while in the surf. In contrast, Parasol offers no big logos, but still offers a feminine look and cut in a good coverup.Deauville Stripe Blue Crew Neck Swim Shirt, $165.00

Skin cancer runs in my family. Living in Florida did a number on most of my family – many have terrible scars from having procedures and skin removed. When I was only 12, I had to have a spot cut/burned off of my back. It is highly likely that I will have to deal with these larger cancer areas as well at some point. However, I have been more sensitive of my sun exposure in the past five-plus years.
Bimini Pink Zip Front Swim Shirt, $175.00

Having healthy color is wonderful, but not when you are putting yourself at risk. It can be incredibly frustrating to see people throw their lives away with baby oil and going without sunscreen. You can see the true age of a person in their hands, and it is because they did not take care of their skin before it was too late. You can be sure I will be wearing this brand in the future!Bahia Yellow Crew Neck Swim Shirt, $165.00

Check Parasol out online – it is Made in the USA and the brand offers free returns and exchanges on every order!

All images shown here are © 2011 Parasol

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  1. Those are beautiful pieces! I totally agree about being as safe as possible when dealing with sun exposure. Skin cancer is nothing to mess around with.

  2. This is a great post! I am alabaster at best and grew up so envious of tanner girls. I've had multiple serious burns in my younger years and now I am very careful to avoid too much exposure. I love finding a company that can keep me safe while looking cute too 🙂

  3. This is a really adorable line and so skin friendly!!

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