L’Odyssee de Cartier

One of my favorite advertisements right now is the special mini-movie by Cartier. Airing 3.5 minutes long, The Cartier Odyssey was done by the Marcel Agency, directed by Bruno Aveilland to celebrate Cartier’s 165th anniversary.

This video is such a feast for the eyes! Cartier takes us from Imperial St. Petersburg, Russia to China and the Great Wall to India and then ending in Paris at Cartier’s headquarters on 13 Rue de la Paix, the Grand Palais and Place Vendome.

This advertisement includes three panthers and model Shalom Harlow, seen in the end of the video in a Yiqing Yin red gown and an incredible bracelet. The bracelet is 51.58 carats of green beryl, platinum and onyx spots and nose, emerald eyes and a diamond-studded coat. Is it not beautiful?

I love how this advertisement is not just cinematic and lush, but it also tells of the history of Cartier. The symbolism in this advertisment is unforgettable.

Have you seen this advertisment before? What did you think of it?

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7 thoughts on “L’Odyssee de Cartier

  1. This is an unexpected delight, a petite feast to fead vivid imaginations. What a visual treasure with its blend of fantasy, romance, history, geography, travel, animals, architecture, music, dreams…and I'm not one who pays much attention to jewelry as for me it's just something that gets in the way of physical action.

    There's even an element of steam punk, although it's so dressed up with elegance as to gloss over the punk aspects.

    The music during the Russian scenes reminded me of the classic film “Dr. Zhivago.” French composure Maurice Jarre crafted music for that historic movie. For “L'Odyssee de Cartier,” I discovered Bruno Aveillan, also of France, leveraged a team of up to 50 musicians. I can't help but wonder if that old 1965 movie of war, revolution, and love torn asunder influenced today's “Odyssey.”

    Thank you.


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