It’s open! Country Club Prep

Country Club Prep has opened for business.

I know we all were wondering what brands they would carry so here is a list:

-Bird Dog Bay

-Castaway Clothing

-Collared Greens


-Jack Donnelly Khakis


-Just Madras

-Kiel James Patrick

-Knot Belt Co.

-Liquid Flow

-Marine Layer


-Salmon Cove

-Smathers & Branson

-Southern Marsh

-Southern Proper

-Strong Boalt

-Unruly Heir

I am honestly kind-of disappointed. Only a couple of these are iconic ‘preppy’ brands. The rest are just new kids on the block, they might make good product but they aren’t exactly what I had planned on buying when I signed up.

What do you think?

[logo courtesy of Country Club Prep]

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8 thoughts on “It’s open! Country Club Prep

  1. I agree. But, those brands that have reached 'iconic' status really have no need to hawk their goods through a new venue like that, right? Certain companies are very particular about where they allow their product to be sold, so that the brand is not diluted.

  2. I was actually really disappointed, but have hope that maybe it gets better. It is just an odd concept to me, considering most of the items featured were on sale for much less at one point on a company's actual site 🙁

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