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Well, the poll results were interesting! No one wants me to write about fashion on here (really?), and I got a majority of votes towards people who want me to write about “Life in general.” “Wedding plans” was a close second place. Thanks for those of you who voted! I hope to start recalibrating my entries soon. I don’t want to write things people do not wish to read!

If you do like my posts on fashion, please check out my two Examiner.com columns – the Richmond and Charlottesville editions. I had a friend remind me of Bit.ly so now I have, yay, permanent shortcut links to these pages… which is perfect for my business card. Sometimes friends help you remember things you knew… only you forgot. Esp when you are sick.

Yes, I have either some horrific new allergy out of nowhere. Or I have a cold. Not sure which.

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