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Many of us talked a few years ago about Julie & Julia – the book and subsequent movie – as teaching us more about Julia Child’s life… which I personally loved.

However, here is a fact of the day for you:

Before becoming a famous chef, Julia Child helped concoct a recipe for shark repellent. As an employee of the Office of Strategic Services during World War II, Child and a team of agents developed a coating for underwater explosives that kept sharks from bumping into them and accidentally setting them off.

Isn’t that so neat? I love factoids like that.One of my personal favorites is when she roasts chickens on the show. For some reason it always leaves me in stitches![Quote source: PageADay from Workman Publishing; Images originally from WGBH-TV (PBS Boston where Julia had her The French Chef show)]

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6 thoughts on “Julia Child

  1. i find her so interesting. i got her cook book for my 30th birthday and have yet to cook anything from it. however, i hope to have a lot of the recipes checked off by the time i hit 40!

  2. Amy – I got her cookbook for my 21st and I love it too. So many people say pretty negative things about it – but the food is wonderful – deliciousness is all about moderation, right?

  3. My friend said to me: “I saw a movie that is perfect to you”! She had reason, I loved the movie! And it is good to know some random fact about Julia!!!

    Happy Easter,

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