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I got the cutest letter from my Grandmama yesterday:

I really want you to have the reception you dream of! It will be elegant …. lots to think about but they are pretty thoughts!

On Monday we were supposed to meet with the florist and the caterer. Well, my parents house got about 4″ of snow and I was not about to risk Mom and I (in her new Chrysler 200 convertible (SOFT TOP) no less) nor the florist who lives out in Bath County. So we had to postpone that meeting until maybe Easter he said.Well, by the time our caterer meeting occurred we were in the clear… roads-wise. So Grandmama was picked up by Mom, and I drove in separately as I had a doctor’s appointment after.The meeting was WONDERFUL. I am so glad I am getting married at Evans Hall at Washington & Lee. It will be so elegant and their china (ivory china with gold rims) and linens (gold stripe) are perfect for the space. I am happy that they will work with our look and we won’t have to go out of house. We are keeping their chairs and not doing covers. Evans has banquet chairs that actually match the space so it isn’t like they are ugly, out-of-shape chairs. I know that many of you like chivari chairs but I could not reason with Virginia chair rental prices – at $8 a chair. For a rental. Give me a break. With our number of guests that is offensively expensive. Plus, I would rather our guests be comfortable than the space be pretty. Chairs are chairs. That money would be better served with the flowers and food! Of course, the pictures I am showing you have chivaris… go figure!

[photo credit: Allegra’s Studio]

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6 thoughts on “Wedding meetings

  1. Chair rentals are such a racket. We had 200 guests and I couldn't stomach the price for chiviari either. We went with simple white chairs, which were perfect for our outdoor, tented event.

    I know the Evans chairs (having spent many a meal there 🙂 and they are just fine. It would be frivolous to not use them! Your reception will be lovely.

  2. Leslie – I just feel like it makes more sense to just have even better food and a beautiful tablescape, not spiffy chairs that hurt people's backs!

  3. MM – Chair rentals are a racket! And yes, the Evans chairs are so simple but comfortable, I cannot help but be happy with the idea of them being used.

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