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Well guys, I tried taking off the comment moderation thing. I did it during lunch while at work yesterday. Guess what? I woke up this AM to 35 SPAM comments that now I have to report as spam, etc. etc. So while some of you may be in non-spam bliss for the comment moderator being taken off, clearly I am not so lucky. That is probably due to the fact that I hyperlink non-blogs in many of my posts, since I am such a nice person who enjoys promoting other people, sooooo I may turn comment moderation back on. Sorry for those of you who hate robots and to those of you who suddenly decided you wanted to comment on my blog and gave up. I don’t really have the time to have to individually click on each comment just to report it as spam. Comment moderation took care of that for me.

I’ll give it until Friday… then I will decide for good!

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3 thoughts on “Comment moderation…

  1. I can't believe how much spam you get!! That's crazy! My spam catcher snatches about everything. Hopefully yours will kick into gear soon 🙂

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