Ash Wednesday

I was able to go during my hour ‘lunch’ to a beautiful old Episcopal church just around the corner from my work.

I am not Episcopal, but I attended Chatham Hall which is Episocopal and I learned from it that on the most solemn of church occasions, such as Ash Wednesday, the Episcopalian services really pull my heart strings and give me the strongest urge to reflect. I think that is the most important thing to have with your faith. How it impacts you as an individual.

So here I am back at work, hungry but sipping on tea, as my hunger is nothing compared to what he gave up for us. And I don’t normally go on a religious tangent with you all, but I’ve been trying to be a better Christian in my heart for a while now, because there is a lot of pain and anger that I have struggled to let go of for a very long time. Lent helps me with issues like this one, even if it fades away after Easter — it gives me solace and as long as I feel more whole I think that is the most important thing.

I personally am not giving up anything for Lent. I really feel as though I need to work on other aspects of my life by adding to it healing and reflection. However, my BFF Muffy Martini is giving up two daily routines, big ones for her, for Lent. So, what are you giving up?

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