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So I have been at my new job since early January, and I love it! I am really enjoying my job and the tasks it gives me. Sorry guys, I have to be vague but I will say being back in the legal sector is so rewarding and I missed it the past two years.

Since I now work downtown in Richmond, my commute is not terrible as long as I time it right. Which is never perfect but so what. I have a paid parking spot in a garage which I LOVE as when weather is horrid that does make a big difference! Anyway, it does require me to walk past a few very busy bus stops. Since I have started this job I have: been barked at (2 times), solicited, asked out, and called any number of things. Lets also throw in that this includes “Oh baby I am going to watch you walk and I WILL enjoy it.” yes, that actually happened. That was my breaking point…

What was I wearing? Law firm friendly clothes. I know I am attractive, I love my figure, but COME ON. I lived in Baltimore and this was NEVER this intense or direct. So, I started an experiment, and it has worked the past week. What have I changed about my appearance? Instead of wearing my cute, appropriate but on-trend heels, I wear ugly-ish ballet flats. No one calls me out now!

Example 1:

Enzo Angiolini heels which are gray flannel with black patent leather piping and heels. Nordstrom for Fall 2011. Really cute, great with several of my shifts. (ignore my ankle, which is swollen from my trying to run without stretching and aggravating my plantar fascilitis, ugh)

What did I walk the four blocks to my office in?

Example 2:

Target, Murano brand wool ballet flats. Def look better with jeans because of the herringbone-esque bow. Certainly do not flatter my calves with their nonexistant insole.

No one said ANYTHING as I walked to work or from work today. It was marvelous! I know this situation is funny to you guys but some things still surprise me! Do you ever get in situations like this one?

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