Christmas faves

This clock came with my family from Germany and has a written and typed note from Ernst Hamilton Brandt on the inside door where the parts are. All external pieces are original and has survived dozens of moves over the 150+ years it has been in my family. I cherish this clock more than many other things.To bring some added holiday spirit I took some wrapped wire and some magnolia leaves, which I wrapped around the back two corners. My Dad joined in on the creative fun and put Mom’s favorite angel on top. Cute but not tacky, right?We had to do a lot of randoms around the house this year as right before Mom hosted the holiday Garden Club meeting she sprained her ankle and we feared it was another dancer’s fracture! So decoration, lights and ornaments on the tree were mostly orchestrated by me. It was fun!

This Weihnachtspyramide (sure it isn’t tiered but they all come from the Ore Mountains if they are legit) is one of several in my family and we love to use it throughout the holiday season.

A running joke in my family is LEON. This wooden toy train was something I can remember us getting when I was small, and it used to be up to me to choose where it was displayed in the old Maple Downs Farmhouse. One year, when I was still in college, maybe boarding school, my Dad unpacked and displayed this NOEL decoration. Neither he nor my mother realized in his post-work tiredness that he had laid it out as LEON. It wasn’t until I came home that it was noticed! Simce then, my Dad displayed it prominently, mispelled, as a family joke 🙂

Our tree this year.

Lots of presents, such a blessing!

All is calm, all is bright.

Christmas Eve, everyone is home, all is wrapped and under the tree!

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