Royal Oud from House of Creed

The latest scent from the House of Creed is now available – most likely through pre-order as they don’t send a ton of the stuff over here – Royal Oud. An incredibly sexy unisex scent that some will love and some will hate. The oriental and spicy scents are hit or miss for so many people.

Here are the scent notes broken down by Creed: Top Notes: Lemon, Pink Pepper, Bergamot; Heart Notes: Angelica, Bitter Green Galbanum, Lebanese Cedar; Base Notes: Oud, Sandalwood, Musk.

You cannot miss the Lemon, pepper, angelica, cedar and Persian oud. At least that is how I felt!

The history of the House of Creed is incredible – established in 1760 – still run by the same family. My favorite scents are Original Vetiver, which was a favorite of Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna (I’m a Russian history scholar) and Fleurissimo, which was created on the occasion of Grace Kelly’s marriage to Prince Ranier III of Monaco. Fleurissimo is one of the first scents I ever wore. Looking back, having Creed Fleurissimo and Chanel No. 5 as a middle-schooler probably was weird… eh, whatever.

So, this is my shoutout to one of the oldest fragrance houses in the world, respected and supported by most houses of royalty that have existed in modern history. And if you do not have your own local Saks Fifth Avenue, consider calling my girl Fatima Smith at the Stony Point Saks at 804-320-6960 Ext 5370. She is the Beauty Specialist for Creed at the Richmond Saks and would love to help you out!

[no compensation other than the advanced sample I recieved from Saks]

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  1. To Susan: I wore the Parfum of Chanel No. 5. Two drops a day and I was good for hours and hours!!

    Leslie, the fragrances by Creed are much stronger than your normal dept store $40-150 scents. Def consider it! They have tons of different scents! So much bang for your buck.

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