Here I Am!

So I know it has been a long time. I am sorry for disappearing on you guys. Here has been my mission as of late – get a permanent job with benefits. Not as simple as you would think when I have a five-year plan I want, and need, to stick to!

…Obviously, due to the economy this mission has taken a good bit longer than I had planned. BUT, I get new leads every week and I never fail to send out at least 20 applications a week when I am at my very best. There is only so much I can do when I am still working at my alma mater part-time during normal business hours. That has been my main priority.

That being said, it has been quite a summer for me. My 26th birthday, a couple concerts, the 4th of July (my Parents Anniversary; see them below on the QE2 returning from their European honeymoon in 1979!), visiting one of my GFs in DC for a long weekend (see me at too), a couple beach vacays, and this Sunday the Fabergé exhibit at the VMFA.

I have been going through my magazine backlog and have prepared a lot of fun Fall 2011 stories. Lots of great trends I hope to point out to you all.

I think every now and then a GOOD solid blog break is helpful. Otherwise an uninspired person just sounds so redundant! I am happy that I am inspired once again!

In the meantime, lets all act like our favorite Duchess:


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