Lilly Pulitzer Fall 2011

The Combed-cotton Cody Cardigan sweater in Pink Tomato Matinee argyle for $148 Well, it is the coming to the close of another summer season for fashionistas, and yet again the Gmail Inbox is starting to fill up with announcements of new arrivals!Vintage cotton pique, Marisa dress in Hotty Pink Cherry Begonias for $198 One example […]

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Tiffany & Company

There are so many things that have been bought and worn to death by women our age. I never jumped on the Return to Tiffany heart or round disc on the charm bracelet. It is over and done with. So big and showy. Generic. Copied by thousands. Yuck. When I graduated from Randy-Mac in May, […]

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Lee Smith describing Baltimore

“Even though our visits to Baltimore were a part of Mama’s grand design, I enjoyed them. I loved Baltimore itself, with its clanging streetcars, funny-looking people, lamplights, pigeons, and ice cream cones. I loved to sit out on the marble stoop after dinner and watch the teeming parade of street life; I always had a […]

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