1989 Porsche 911 Carrera – A Love Affair

When I was growing up in Lex Vegas, my family would often take me to The Palms restaurant. For my parents it was the social home of their courtship, and for my brother and I it served as our introduction into W&L social life. We often sat in a booth in the back, and the poster above would stare down at us. While my brother and I would marvel at this primo example of early 90s success, my Dad would say – This! This is why you will love finishing college. Great motivator, right? Thanks, Dad.

Today while driving in to school, I was reflective. My last day of undergraduate classes. What a long, strange and intensely emotional trip it has been for me. I graduated from Chatham Hall in 2003, and I had no idea what my mind, soul and body was in for. Sometimes you just don’t know. But that’s for another blog post…

…back to my drive in today. I was thinking about that poster my family loves and I suddenly saw a 1989 Porsche 911 Carrera drive past me. It was beautiful. Everything about it to me means quality luxury success. Something I strive for, something to motivate me, as my Dad said.

It rolled past me with its deeply romantic, throaty growl and I could not help but just stop and gape. Poetry in motion, if you will. The road we were on is considered backroads. And I knew the owner had chosen this way for the commute to stretch the car’s legs, something you cannot easily do in Virginia on the highway. The next thing I thought was – if I do move to Florida and graduate from law school… I will buy this vehicle.
Here’s to you, Dad, cheers and love.

Sidebar: check out Alice’s post on beautiful cars at her blog, too!

[it looked just like the ones I’ve shared here]

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3 thoughts on “1989 Porsche 911 Carrera – A Love Affair

  1. Ohhh, my li'l tale of chasing down Porsches with Babe happened many a time on good ole Route 29. And, thank you for reminding me of that blast from the past poster! I need to add that to my must track down wish list along with the Poverty Sucks poster…XXOO

    ps…merci beaucoup for the mention 🙂

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