Home, home, where I wanted to go…

When I was in middle school, a “miracle” occurred.

I was taken off of a 3 year waitlist and was able to finally attend Camp Seafarer.

Camp Seafarer, on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina!

It was a beautiful place, still is very special to me.

It became a haven for me, a home where I had friends who had more things in common with me than my friends at home. And so I began a change in my life. I changed from the W&L alum kid/Country Club crowd at home, into the Camp Seafarer/worldly kid. It was a huge shift, but my parents know 100% that if I didn’t have my “camp family” I likely wouldn’t be here today…I mean that with every ounce of my being… but that is a whole other story.

Here is a picture of my camp family (I’m the one in the middle with the huge hat and sunglasses):

…And Three of these women are either my bridesmaids or my MOH…

We had Johnny Seagull’s who we’d write love letters to all summer, if not after that…
And we would listen and slow dance to Christopher Cross’s “Sailing” at the end of our weekly dances…

Aren’t all of the Flying Scots tied down at sunset beautiful?

Photos by: A. Creswick, R. Ney or moi!

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7 thoughts on “Home, home, where I wanted to go…

  1. I think it's so wonderful how sailing, paradoxically, is an individual sport on one hand and a great bonding experience on the other. I still miss my summer fleet and around this time of year we start to text each other and catch up on FB. Bittersweet!

  2. Jamie – I am hoping to sail more often again now that I'm about to graduate. Pref up in DC. Maybe we can set off together for an afternoon cruise sometime!!! It is such a great thing to do.

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