Wedding Wednesday: Beach Wedding

Alyssa + Chris // Destination Wedding | Outer Banks, NC from Josh Gooden on Vimeo.

Is this video not incredible?

I just love everything about it.

The music for the video, the genuine expressions on everyone’s faces that are being filmed, the scenery which I grew up spending so much time at (the big orange sunrise on the beach, the mid-day on the gritty sand of OBX, NC, and the orange-pink sunsets of the Sound), every element and moment is captured with this video.

Some people make things really formal, which is fine. I like how this ceremony was a good middle ground. Super sweet. Apparently the minister is a huge hit up and down the Banks, for all kinds of ceremonies.

And yes, I did sniffle a bit watching this video!

Music: Hoppípolla by Sigur Rós
Officiant: Reverend Jay Bowman

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