I’m thinking that when I am 30 I will do the Amy Gardner hair, circa season 3 of The West Wing. Loved her character, such a badass.

Here is how we first got to get to know her:

“Something important” being her latest project of balloon animals… yup, that’s awesome.

If any couple could make witty banter look good, it’s Josh Lyman and Amy Garner on The West Wing. Love love love.

As a blogger wrote, “She likes dancing to Van Morrison, and doesn’t see why balloon-animals could be considered unprofessional. Amy Gardner is good at her job, and doesn’t worry that other people might not like her. She’s an adult, albeit with a personality that is uniquely suited to annoy the hell out of everyone she dislikes.
Hmmm sounds like something an ex said about me one time, “with a personality that is uniquely suited to annoy the hell out of everyone she dislikes.” Me likey as that ex, S, was incredibly accurate in his assessment!

Because I can’t make decisions based on the fact that I like your smooth skin.”
{loved. them. together.}

So, did any of my readers watch The West Wing when it was on TV? How about now, as it has rerun marathons occasionally on Bravo (although much less often now that they are the reality TV network).

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8 thoughts on “TWW

  1. I *love* Amy Gardner. I used to watch the show when I was an LA teenager and dream that I would someday grow up to be like her… no joke. Well, at least I moved to DC and paired up with a cool politico guy 🙂

  2. Jamie, DUH we are soul sistas. Of course we continue to find things that we both like! For cereal. Can we please meet up in NoVA or DC sometime? XO

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