Prayers for Taylor Anderson

Taylor Anderson is a Virginia native. She attended St. Catherine’s School in Richmond, Virginia. She graduated from our college, Randolph-Macon College, in 2008. She was a member of Macon’s Alpha Gamma Delta chapter and was an Asian Studies minor. I cannot remember her major. She joined the Jet program the summer she graduated and this summer will be the end of her third year. She lives in Ishinomaki which is one of several cities that had 10,000 people disappear after the earthquake and the 30-foot tsunami. She is petite in height. She was last seen leaving the elementary school [likely on her bicycle], prior to the tsunami hitting but after the earthquake had occurred.

Prayers would be so helpful right now, as this disaster now has a face for me. To clarify, I am not saying I didn’t care before, but now I am feeling more intense emotions over this situation. I really am trying to be positive while still being a realist. I hope you all feel the same way. Prayers and donations to the Red Cross are likely the most effective, so please join me in caring and giving.

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  1. Will most definitely include her in my daily prayers for Japan and their people..the sad stories are growing and it is a nightmare beyond comprehension. I hope you will update us if there is news..hopefully good news! I heard of a story of an American student studying there who no one could reach for 4 days and just late last night, they heard from them…..miracles do happen and I do believe in them.

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