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Hello ladies! Well this adorable young man was staring up at me when I got home yesterday. Virginia Living is an incredible magazine that my Mom and I have subscribed to since it was first published several years ago. It reminds me of “W” with its oversize format but the pages are heavy and glossy, like national magazines… used… to be. So every month I look forward to getting this magazine at home. This issue is the April 2011 issue and the cover feature is called “Forever Prep.”

The story inside (starting on page 102) is fantastic, as it discusses the movement behind the Official Preppy Handbook and how it had a surge that re-occurred last year with True Prep (both of which I own, and enjoy for a good chuckle). More specifically, “Forever Prep” mentions how Virginia really has always been a good bit ‘preppy,’ but that we have really always referred to it as a ‘traditional’ lifestyle/fashion statement/etc. instead.

As the article states, summer is a verb (Alice!), and yes, we do go by the Old Dominion moniker. Most of us own at least one Jefferson cup, had cotillion and ballet classes, rode in fox hunts, attended steeplechase and went to a single-sex Episcopalian boarding school. Oh, and by the way, even though some silly young women at Randolph-Macon College wear socks with their boat shoes, if you are a real ‘Vuh-gin-ian,’ you know that is not acceptable and just looks ridiculous. Do you wear socks with your Rainbows? No. So these are your closed-toe equivalent! I am so happy that they chose Hampden-Sydney College and Sweet Briar as the models for this shoot, seeing as the campus is lovely and these men and women do often wear the garb shown (I would know, I attended SBC… natch it was for one semester… but still I did grow up around here)! Here are some more points from Virginia Living about the fashion of women and men in the Commonwealth of Virginia:
Following up on this article, I was very excited to pick up today a booklet on the 78th Annual Historic Garden Week in Virginia. To say that this event is an event, darlin, it is THE event! It is where women compete to have the best gardens, the most beautiful homes and the event, natch, has the Garden Club of Virginia involved. Okay maybe not all people compete, but a lot of them do as getting on the tour is difficult! As a Virginian with both a mother and two grandmothers as current (and former!) officers of their Garden Club chapters in VA, you know I am socially obligated to attend and I love every minute of it!

As you can see, Virgina Living’s “Forever Prep” included a list of Virginia’s Preppiest Events, which I have kindly included below:

And yes, you can see that #1 event listed is the thing I speak of above. Coincidence? I think not! ha!

“Forever Prep” really is a flattering look at what life is like in Virginia. For me, a native, it is one of the most realistic reflections into this world that is not necessarily about money anymore. It is about culture, tradition and embracing the values that you hold to a highest standard.

Photo Credits go to Virginia Living magazine and photographer Cade Martin. Text in the images provided was written by Caroline Kettlewell.

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10 thoughts on “Forever Prep

  1. I always loved Virginia Living! I'm sorry to have missed this issue, though I'm sure it would just make me homesick for my home state! Thanks for the recap!

  2. I have fond memories of The Official Preppy Handbook from my childhood, I'll have to check out Forever Prep too.
    And how cute is that cover boy???

  3. My sister a proud Virginian..gets this and from time to time sends me a few issues….it is fantastic each and every time and does not disappoint! I will be sure to get my hands on this one….looks good. Glad I found your wonderful blog…visit mine, its about the building of our new home and my passion for decor and lifes beautiful things!

  4. Virginia Living is such a beautiful magazine! I'm a Virgina girl happily married to a preppy single-sex Episcopalian boarding school boy so I adored this post 🙂

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