Honeymoon Locations in the South: Part 5

Just down the road a bit from yesterday’s feature, the Grove Park Inn, is the lovely Inn at Biltmore Estate.
No, you do not get to stay at THE Biltmore Estate, seen below…

…but you can always tour it if you would like. Especially if you stay in the Cottage on the grounds – yes, a 2 bedroom, 2 bath cottage on the grounds of the Biltmore Estate is available for you to vacation, or honeymoon, at. It is definitely the man-made highlight of the Asheville area.

This lovely Inn comes a close second and, as you can tell, it was designed to mirror the Estate it was named for:

How could you not love the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains from this dining room?

Don’t you just love the stone details?

Would you like to take afternoon tea from this lobby?

Maybe you would rather take a nap in your room, with its own view of the lovely landscape?

Maybe once you check in to the Inn, you decide to go to the Spa for some treatment. A mani-pedi or massage, perhaps? While you decide, sit in the relaxation room:

I normally go for a massage, so this room is where you would find me!

On a side note: The Biltmore Estate is still family owned. I would like to point out that yes, that huge monstrosity that is based off of various features of Italian palazzi and French chateaux is STILL family owned. What the Biltmore family, today primarily the Cecil family, has done is diversify the massive amount of lands that they inherited (8,000+ acres, yup). Frederick Law Olmstead designed the landscapes. These diversifications are what has led to a very successful winery, spa, the Inn, Land Rover driving school, horseback riding, etc. – most of them made public in my lifetime. They have come a long way and I wish them the best as they continue to be successful!

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8 thoughts on “Honeymoon Locations in the South: Part 5

  1. Mr and I stayed at the Inn for a few days following our wedding in August AND when we were engaged on the grounds. Love love love Asheville, the Inn and all that the grounds have to offer.

  2. I LOVE the Inn at Biltmore! They really do have one of the best afternoon teas in the US and the rooms are very luxirious. I love Ashville as well. Lots of wonderful restaurants and a GREAT southern lunch and afternoon tea place downtown!

  3. Mr and Mrs Little – Thank you so much for sharing your story! How sweet : )

    Jamie – yes, it is a fairytale. But not too over the top!

    Sara – It is a lovely getaway, many friends love it. Of course, in France you may have many other options that are similar…

    Hopsy – Yes, the tea is so nice and downtown Asheville is lovely.

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