Honeymoon Locations in the South: Part 4

For my special series, Honeymoon Locations in the South, we move from Virginia down further to the South…

Welcome to North Carolina!

More specifically, welcome to the Grove Park Inn, located just outside of Asheville.

I have fond memories of this beautiful resort from family vacations as well as from conferences during my Mom’s former career in the fashion industry. We had an English woman on the Housekeeping Staff who would babysit us when my Mom was at fashion shows and meetings. My Dad would try his best at golf and/or tennis. We would sit on the big, broad back “deck” (massive balcony) which overlooked the Blue Ridge Mountains and just gaze out towards the horizon.

This resort is a beautiful place to travel to as a family or as a newly married couple. It is both historic (opened in 1913) and respected throughout the hospitality industry. It was added to the National Historic Registry in 1973. Both families and couples would enjoy sitting next to the fireplace… just don’t actually walk into it (yes, it is that big)! When it is cold you can get hot chocolate and it is delicious.

As per the Grove Park Inn website:

This lobby is known as The Great Hall — and for good reason. Measuring 120 feet across, the hall features 24-foot ceilings and two gigantic 14-foot stone fireplaces. It’s famous for the elevators cleverly hidden in the chimneys of the stone fireplaces (put there to conceal the noise of the machinery), which continue to transport guests to their rooms today.

The architecture, the views, and the landscape in general of the Grove Park Inn… they are ideal for someone who has diverse tastes. An outdoorsmen would love it, as would a traditionalist who likes the idea of a rich, luxe lodge out in the country.

Natch, I have to give a shoutout to my talented ‘uncle’ (really second cousin) Scott, who built the spa at the Grove Park Inn…

…which won numerous accolades for the features and architectural design. He was inspired by the elements which is why there is fire, water, earth and air so perfectly represented in every room of the spa.

They have themed weekends to cater to different tastes and interests – so be sure to check those opportunities out! Whether you want to go mountain biking or to tour the Biltmore Estate… you will not be disappointed by the beautiful lodge, regardless of the season!

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6 thoughts on “Honeymoon Locations in the South: Part 4

  1. I have a close friend from childhood who lives in Asheville. If you decide to go there, I'd be happy to ask her for some recommendations for you!

  2. Muffy – you would love it! Such a pretty place and since you'd be flying in, so you could get a luxe room to recoup from the adventures you'd been on that day!

  3. I have stayed here as well, back in the day before the Inn at Biltmore existed. It is lovely as well and if you book far enough in advance you can request F Scott Fitzgerald's room. I love the music they play in the eveningts and of course the pool is ever-so-unique!

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