Pints and Pinstripes

UPDATE: please see more dress ideas below!

P & P, as it were, is happening in March (click on the image above to read the details).

It is going to be quite the event at Silo Point, in Baltimore, MD (in the Penthouse no less):

I love attending charity events – especially ones in places near and dear to my heart. reWIRED for Change was started by Sonja Sohn after her difficult childhood in Newport News, VA. One of my Great-Uncles ran the Newport News shipyard for years so I know how things there have changed over time (obviously I cannot relate but I hope you all know what I mean).

As Sky Blue Events writes: today reWIRED for Change is a “Baltimore-based 501c(3) non-profit organization empowering at-risk youth living in underserved city communities through a program combining education, media and social advocacy, and street-based intervention.” Please try to attend if you can, 15% of each ticket + 100% of silent auction proceeds will be donated to reWIRED For Change!

I have been poking around for the ideal cocktail dress before buying my ticket for the event — Neimans, Saks, Nordies, etc… trying to find something Spring-y but elegant. I honestly have a hard time wearing most of my Lilly P dresses to an evening event and I am trying to build up a wardrobe of quality pieces I can wear for the next ten-plus years. I already have a deep purple dress in chiffon and satin, a green silk dress, several wool dresses in varying shades for mourning/office, a green cotton embroidered dress, and one proper cocktail-style Lilly P dress. I have others but those are the ones which stick in my mind.

I now want a pink dress.

Here are some of my options:

A Shoshanna pink and white tulip dress – which is cotton. I love the shape and it is flouncy enough to wear to more fun, relaxed events. It has a fitted waist as well, which is good as I am very long-waisted.

This Jay Godfrey dress is the “Jennings” dress. It actually is not this short on me, more like an inch or two above the knee. I love the satin bow on the one shoulder – and the texture of this silk dress is so comfortable.

Here is the back of the “Jennings” dress:

This is my #1 favorite:

A Phoebe Couture dress in pink satin. It is a one-shoulder dress but I feel as though it is elegant. I love the fun details as I like to show off my shoulders and back (without looking skankyyy). The back of the dress is pleated in a way that almost looks like a bow but isn’t a bow.

Here is the back of the dress:

Yeah, I love to look confidant. I think this dress would do that. Too bad M isn’t attending. BWAHAHA.

I really loved what Claire Danes wore to the Golden Globes this year, a chic salmon-colored frock. It photographed differently from TV show to TV show, camera flash to camera flash. Here it is:

Along in that vein, I give you two new options, both by Kay Unger New York.

The first is a coral silk cocktail dress with a pencil skirt. There is pleating around the waist to make it more fitted. Beading details finish the dress off:

In the back there is a cut-out shoulder, to really emphasize an hourglass figure:

Here is another option, a faux-wrap salmon taffeta dress. This dress has a sensual asymmetric shape and a flattering one-shoulder neckline. The bodice is tiered in the style of a Herve Leger without cutting off circulation:

The back shows off the vent in the straight, yet shortened style of a pencil skirt – as well as the shimmering shade of coral/salmon in the taffeta fabric:

What are you thinking of wearing to this Sky Blue Event? What would you wear if you could go (if you aren’t) (but you SHOULD be!)?

Special Thanks to Sky Blue Events for letting me steal some pictures for reference! Thanks to Neiman Marcus for the pictures of dresses.

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11 thoughts on “Pints and Pinstripes

  1. WOW. Dress #3 for sure. Super fab! Oh, gosh. If I were going I'd wear the pink Lilly Eryn dress I want. It's pretty pricey so I'd want to wear it as often as possible! HAHAHA!

  2. Okay people! The responses seem incredibly unanimous which cracks me up to no end! I was hoping a debate would start on here. Maybe I need to add a few wrenches into this group!

  3. Ok no one can ever say you have bad taste in dresses, these are all SO gorgeous. I need you to be my personal shopper lol. I can never find stuff that looks right on me. I love the Shoshanna and the coral silk dress the most. Very much loving the colors!

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