Kennedy’s Miniseries Pull

What a bummer!

The Kennedy’s Miniseries on the History Channel has been pulled from their schedule. I know it caused some controversy on some things, but still, what hasn’t in terms of perspective, interpretation and freedom of expression? Especially in film. Isn’t that why it isn’t just interviews and photos/old video clips… that kind of documentary?

What a stupid thing to blow up in terms of media coverage, magazine covers, etc. and then abruptly pull for “historical fiction.” Um, half of the people portrayed are dead, so I am not sure how they check their sources on things like JFK’s sex life outside of his marriage anyway! Besides, they have to figure out what happened the day JFK was shot in terms of Jackie’s perspective in some way, so why not go for a well-cast dramatization mini-series? If the cast didn’t approve of lines or find them unethical, they can request changes, and sometimes those requests are actually considered.

Shame. It seems well done. Maybe it will be like The Reagans and be picked up by Showtime, or possibly even HBO. It is dumb that the History Channel will show crap about ghosts and aliens, and not this show.

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4 thoughts on “Kennedy’s Miniseries Pull

  1. This seems ridiculous to me. They paid for it and had control over it, so the issues that prevented it from being aired are really History's fault. What a shame for all the people who worked hard on this!

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