Here is a post of some of the shoes I own that I love love love. Some are vintage shoes I inherited from my mother, others I purchased when still working for Nordstrom, and others in the past few years since I have acquired more taste and figured out where my fashion spectrum lay.

I am lucky enough to be the same size as my mother, so we can fit into 7s on up to 9 depending on the style. I’m really a legit size 8, which is weird, because I was a legitimate 9, and when I broke things off with one of my exes, I lost about 40 pounds and it was mostly in my fingers, feet, and calves. (not even kidding).

So, here are several of my favorite beautiful shoes that I rely on to make my day a little happier. I think that for someone who is still finishing undergrad, I am already doing pretty well. : )

The shoes below are Guess. However, they look almost exactly like the Coach shoes that were a full-page ad in all of the fashion magazines this summer. I just adore them. They scream sexy lady and make my gams look incredible. Surprisingly easy to maneuver in, although the heel is a bit skinny. It is a khaki leather with wood. I wear them with my Lilly Pulitzer shifts and other summer dresses just to amp up the sexy factor. I also paired it with a short linen skirt and blousy tunic tops. With these heels, it is all about the balance of how much skin is shown.

I love my J.Crew driving moccasins. These are from probably 4 years ago. I adore them because they are sueded and worn perfectly. I use them grocery shopping and running errands on Sundays. They also look effortless with a nice skinny jean (I love Donna Karan’s) and a cashmere shell/sweater set. They don’t really work with shorts. Then I look like I am loafing around in someone elses shoes and it makes me look ridiculous. Food for thought.

Remember that episode of “Sex and the City” when Carrie saw that pair of shoes and said, “Hello lover” ? Well, that is how I felt the first time my Mom let me try these shoes on, and how I felt when she let me take them with me to boarding school for my Senior year formal. I was wearing probably the second most expensive outfit I will ever wear – after my wedding dress – so it is currently the most expensive outfit I have ever worn. I felt amazing in it and my date was great and my friends amazing. The Jimmy Choo shoes in this photo were my senior formal shoes. I adored them, and still do. I wear them sparingly as they have pearls on them and gorgeous sequins.

Here I am on the night of that formal. One of the funnest nights of my life. With my date Jordan, who is my hometown’s minister’s son. We went as friends but I’d always thought he was soooo cute. My dress was ridiculously expensive but my Mom didn’t bat an eyelash because it fit me perfectly. Awww it was a great moment with Mom. So, insanely expensive dress and insanely expensive shoes. The memories made it though.

Here I am, far left, with my a cappella group Sextet, performing probably “For the Longest Time” or “Hooked on a Feeling.”

These shoes are my Banana Republic ostrich embossed leather heels. The heel is wooden and it is a platform. There is a brass band around the heel. It is a gorgeous chocolate brown shoe. I really love these. M bought them for me for a “just because” gift and I adore them. I think he got these early on in our relationship in the early Spring of 2008. I wear these shoes with jeans, I wear them with dresses. They are perfect for my suits which most are brown if they are wool blended – and they are the perfect height!

I wear a lot of Nine West shoes for “going out” shoes. I don’t normally wear them to work or to church, they are just my can-ruin-on-cobblestones-railroad-tracks-etc shoes. However, this pair of Nine West shoes I purchased while still working for the US Government back in 2007. I love these shoes and apparently they are right on trend right now. With my high arches these shoes fit me perfectly. They have a hidden platform of almost an inch, are gray suede, and are the cutest bootie-oxford mix I have ever seen. I wear them with skirts mostly. It is fun to wear them with contrasting tights in the Fall/Winter! For example, I wore them with a J.Crew burnt mustard miniskirt, a plaid button-down “camp shirt”, and a chunky grandpa cardigan in navy. I had my one length of faux pearls wrapped around my wrist as a bracelet. It looked great (super awkard, my Mom took a picture of it she liked it so much).

The delish boots featured below are a gorgeous pair of vintage Son Camino boots. [cannot find that brand anywhere online but they are impeccable with great stitching, material, stamping on the interior, etc.] They were my Mom’s and she gave them to me when I found them buried in a closet. Gorgeous Made in Spain boots sitting around! I wasn’t about to have that. My Dad had the heel replaced and the rest is history. They are a gorgeous almost terra cotta reddish brown sueded leather, and are incredibly broken in and comfortable. I wear them best with bare legs but occasionally will tuck them into a jean or wear them with other pants when visiting a barn and/or farm.

I adore these Sperry Top Siders. They are a men’s style which I bought at a surf shop in Atlantic Beach, NC when I was working one summer at Camp Seafarer – so summer of 2004. I adore these shoes so much because they are full of memories. I had campers draw on them, another camper accidentally dumped citronella candle on one of them, which was actually nice because it kept everything below the knees from being bitten for the rest of the summer. I have worn them on yachts, sail boats, Flying Scots, Sunfish, motorboats, everything. So wonderful. They always have sand in them and when I wear them occasionally to class and feel that, it makes me feel all happy inside!

All photos taken by me or with my camera camera camera.

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  1. I love your shoes, too! I used to have a job at Neiman's during the holidays/when I was off school. I miss the YEAR ROUND discount. I bet you miss Nordstrom's too… They have the BEST shoes!!!

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