Oxfords and Oysters

I cannot wait to go to this event which is hosted by Sky Blue Events! I am busily trying to figure out a way to get up there and possibly stay the night. I love the cause, as my major is doubled in political science and environmental studies, and I have a few aquaintances who […]

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Wedding Wednesday: Anniversary

Some of the family with Grandmama and Grandpapa in the Victorian Writing Room at the Greenbrier during Thanksgiving 2008. For those who care, the floral pattern is called “Fudge Apron” by Dorothy Draper, and not even Carleton Varney can tell you how she came up with that name. Kappa Prep aka Hopsy has a great […]

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Quick Grilled Pizza from Cook’s Country magazine

My blogging colleague, Hopsy @ Kappa Prep, and a new friend, Wears With Heels saw me post my dinner on Twitter and wanted the recipe, so here is my information on it! Tonight, M and I each got to have our own 12-ish” pizzas, based off of recipes for dough and sauce, from Cook’s Country […]

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