Working on my fitness

{Frisbee Dog is fun because it makes you twist your waist – a lot – I am sore today!}

So earlier this summer when M and I first got engaged, he asked me how I felt about us getting 2 flat screen HDTVs for Christmas instead of our normal gifts. Natch, I have no probs with that as they would be great and are much-needed additions for our home, satellite dish, stereo system, etc. etc. We are trying to upgrade our homes look and while we have perfectly nice, functional televisions, the price and benefits are great. We will likely move the TVs into the other rooms of our house as we only have DirecTV in the living room and our MBR at this time.

ANYWAY, so M wanted to do that. I decided to go ahead and do something I have been wanting for a while, the Wii. I didn’t get it when it was brand new for 2 reasons: 1. the price would have to drop at some point, and 2. our stereo system is black so I wanted a black Wii. Well, I got my wish, so I this week went to Target and got the Wii, Wii fit plus, and a couple games for M and I to share (not including Wii Sports, Sports Resort, and the fit programs) so we can hang out with friends and have another option when we socialize.

Let me tell you, after buying that stuff and using it for a few days – it is way more impressive than I thought. I am very happy with the Wii, and the people at Target who helped me out. The products really do give you a workout, and I monitor it on there which is incredibly convenient! I have already dropped 2 pounds in just 3 days use! Because we live in such a rural area, a gym is not convenient for me. The ones in the 30-mile radius (yes, we are 22-30 miles from any kind of civilization with a gym) start at $40-50/mo which is dumb if I can’t use it anytime I want between work and school. So, the Wii is cost-effective, too.

I am very happy with it, and if anyone has been holding out, spend the extra $99 and get the Wii Fit Plus! Right now, Target gives you a $20 gift card for buying the Wii Fit Plus or two regular games. Fabulous!

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