Bridesmaids, colors and flowers

Well, not to sound too repetitive for those of you in the blog-o-sphere, because apparently KAG and I are having a VERY similar wedding (because we both have good taste is my argument)! She is doing yellow and blue too, funny!

Bridesmaids dresses, which ironically my BFF A and I started picking out two weeks before I got engaged (so late May), are going to be navy satin or navy chiffon – likely from Alfred Angelo as we have wedding party people from CA to NYC to Florida! Most of my bridesmaids are college students, grad students, or traveling from far away so them feeling obligated to spend over $175 on a dress is just mean and unfair. Here is one of the styles I have chosen, they can pick any one of the 5-6.

WAYYY back in June when this engagement thing happened, I spent the first weekend trying to figure out colors. Miss Mindless, Amid Privilege, and my family were a huge help when it came to color scheme ideas. Several Twitter conversations ensued between me (@worthystyle), @AmidPrivilege and @MissMindless about how colors go, what would overwhelm the room, etc.

We quickly realized that champagne gold may be too light, but could be used sparingly such as in rimmed glasswear, china, runners down a table, etc… I did not want to use W&L blue solely, as the room is wedgewood blue, as you can see in my previous post about the reception hall. So I chose navy as the wedding is at dusk and reception is after sundown. Plus that is a color which is very bridesmaid-rewearing friendly!!

We won’t be having blue flowers (obviously), so let me show you where my mind has been going with my Garden Club former president mother, and both grandmothers!!

Sunflower yellow is a great pick-me-up color, and it will be perfect with Mums and other Fall flowers for our October 2011 wedding date. It is cheerful and whimsical, without coming across as casual like granny smith green would in such a big venue.

Floral, display, and centerpiece arrangements will be in fall tones – really lovely peaches, sunflower, rust, and some brown. Maple leaves will be integrated in with wheat to add demension to the flowers hypericum berries, apples, and pomegranates. I am hoping to go local for a lot of these as Lexington, VA, has wonderful local florists that do the Homestead, Greenbrier, and country clubs throughout the region.

Images:, Floral Design Institute

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5 thoughts on “Bridesmaids, colors and flowers

  1. So. Much. Fun.

    And your dress? You might want to keep it under wraps, but do tell, smooth or ornamented? I can see going either way with that room and these colors. Which, BTW, I love.

  2. I promise to do a dress-related post soon. I will be vague with the final result but it isn't like I cannot share my inspirations and ideas!

    I am so glad you like my plans, I appreciate your input!

  3. New reader here..Just wanted to tell you that I had the exact same Alfred Angelo dresses in navy for my bridesmaids in my wedding last summer and they loved them! Having straps made them comfy and easy-to wear and the cut and color were slimming with a nice detail on the back of the dress. I will send you a photo via email so you can see what they look like on real people. One of my bridesmaid has even worn the dress since the wedding!

  4. I know. Me too. I wish I had gone to the US Naval Academy as then I would have been ALLL hooked up with the navy/gold theme. HA! I wanted to when I was younger, and my brother applied there… so I have a lot of nautical-y things at my house and my parents still : )

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