Want It Now: Layla L’Obatti for Between the Sheets

I love a good article of clothing.

Um, I want this. Desperately. In any of the colors it is sold in. This piece may look familiar, as it was in the June 2010 issue of Instyle Magazine for the “Charlotte York” aka Kristin Davis shoot. The piece is done by Layla L’Obatti for Between the Sheets lingerie.

Here is a screencap of their website:

I love fun random lingerie additions to my wardrobe (most of you understand why this portion of my wardrobe is the largest). I am working on acruing fine silk pieces as they can be integrated into other parts of the wardrobe (under a suit jacket, for example, a silk chemise or cami is completely different). Depending on the cardigan or climate, sometimes you can even pull them off with jeans. It really depends on your personal taste. I have two that are vintage from my Mother’s dresser (which she hadn’t worn in decades if ever) and they are baby blue and pastel pink silk chemises with white lace. I’ve been using them as sleepwear, under cardigans with jeans, and under suit jackets for 5+ years, it just depends on the mood!

This set in red is very sensual, the light peach is fun, and I really don’t consider the ivory to be bridal but that is how Between the Sheets is marketing it (see the top of this post). Whatever. I am a pale WASP so I tend to go for non-white sets. Just so I don’t look like Casper but that is a personal preference… I am sure under candlelight it is flattering but for multiple purposes I’d likely go with the red or peach.

Isn’t this gorgeous? I am in love. I think full-length chemise pieces are pretty amazing. A LOT of manhours go into silk pieces like this one. Many designers require seamstresses to wear gloves just to sew the lace on – which often has to be done by hand so it gets finished right. It is nice, just for something different. The heels are optional. Consider it added to my wishlist.

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