Your thoughts? Tiger’s new ad

I want to know y’alls thoughts before I speak about mine:

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3 thoughts on “Your thoughts? Tiger’s new ad

  1. Not a fan… at all… And with what they are saying about Earl possibly cheating on his own wife, I can't say that it really touches me at all. The whole thing makes me sick, with Nike, with Tiger, with all of it. It's cheap.

  2. I agree with you two. It is not the best ad in the world, even Charles Barkley's “I am not a role model” ad was done better. It is questionable to use something out of context like Earl Woods' words and it is eerie/creepy to me, too.

    I do golf, and I liked Tiger, even if I resented his taking over the world of golf, before all of this bad stuff happened.

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