Nude Shoe hunt

Photo of: Alexander McQueen [RIP] – called the Heart Peep Toe Court
I know it isn’t nude but it is a SEXY AND BEAUTIFUL!

Okay ladies, Spring is about to be sprung and I am in desperate need for a cute pair of nude shoes!

I am looking for church-friendly, Lilly P-friendly, professional but can wear-out-and-about nude shoes.

Any material, but patent does give it a nice polished look, and is easier to maintain!

Please critique!! [I am looking for an investment shoe, but the Nine West is because their brand fits my feet perfectly everytime]

Nine West “Rocha” in the color Light Natural for less than >$80 :

* >1/4″ platform
* 3.5″ heel
* rounded toe
* not leather
* faux-leather “leather” pattern on them

Stuart Weitzman Platswoon in color Adobe Aniline Patent for less than >$300:

* patent leather
* 1/2″ platform
* 4″ heel
* round toe

Or, Christian Louboutin Patent Platform pump in beige for less than >$650

* platform hidden
* red sole
* >5″ tall
* patent leather
* slightly pointed toe


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8 thoughts on “Nude Shoe hunt

  1. I like the overall shade of nude of the Nine West the best, and the red detail on the heel of the Louboutin the best.

    I'm not at a place where I can shell out six hundro for a pair of shoes, though.

  2. E – yes, I am on the shelf about the Louboutins, but I recently inherited a pair of Jimmy Choos that my mother go in NOLA 20 yrs ago and they look brand new inside and out – with beading mind you – so I am beginning to feel like you get what you pay for, you know? I have had a lot of >$80 shoes snap or fall apart and my more expensive shoes have kept fitting and living with me for a while. That is why I am treading the line, price-wise

  3. Worthy! Love your comments! It's been so fun getting to know you!!!

    And now for the shoes!!! I like the more pointy shape of the Nine West and the Louboutins best. I think they have a bit more flattering shape. Also, if you go with the Louboutins that's their signature look and very recognizable. That concealed platform is so chic! If you buy them from the store, if you ever had a problem, you would be able to take them in for repair. If you want a true investment shoe, then go with the Louboutins. If you want something that will look great for the season, go with the nine west.

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