Dining Room… wallpaper?

Inspiration: The Greenbrier, my Grandmama, myself, and this great page.

I do not know about y’all, but my Grandmama is a big fan of Wallpaper. She isn’t a huge damask person, so much as some chintz here and there as well as birds and florals. She has immaculate taste, so I look up to her when I think of putting my first home together.

I recently was looking at the Carleton Varney wallpaper website [http://www.carletonvltd.com/] and saw some gorgeous damask pieces. I then realized I could possibly do the dining room in grey ABOVE the chair rail, and grey damask below the chair rail and above the crown molding, or vice-versa. What do y’all think?

This is the Carleton Varney Raj Damask in white-blue:

This is the Cole & Son Ilena Damask:

Would LOVE input!

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4 thoughts on “Dining Room… wallpaper?

  1. Thank you Town and Country! I agree! It is a little bit dark for me, but our dining room has a good bit more space if you have seen on previous posts : ) I think it will transfer over well…

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