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Okay, so it has been a while since I have done a legit fashion post. It does not help that my school, while being fashionable, still has people AFTER LABOR DAY wearing seersucker, Jack Rodgers, and white pants/shorts. Seriously people, put them away. Send them home. They are not acceptable. I am so okay with Rainbows and Gladiators because most are in neutral tones like brown or black, but WTF is up with the girl I saw on Saturday night wearing Jack Rodgers, a seersucker skirt, and a white polo shirt. Was she going golfing? No. Was she playing tennis? No. She was headed to flippin KA, and I am pretty sure that their party theme was not “Golf Pros Tennis Hos” but if anyone wants to clarify that for me I would really, sincerely appreciate it.

Moving on.

Fall Fashion 2009. Yes, so this stuff premiered in New York’s Bryant Park a good 6-9, whatever months ago, but it doesn’t make it any less valid! It is what is in stores, now!

I am lusting over a pair of Frye boots. I was PLANNING on BUYING A pair. But then, you know, I had to spend about $12k on my college tuition in less than a month which wasn’t 100% planned so I didn’t have much savings by that point. Joy. But here are a few of my favorites, perfect for a skirt&tights, skinny jeans, or a flowy dress. Take your pick. Natch, brown (esp. in a chestnut tone) is the bestest.

They are all in the Carmen collection, and they are all DELISH. Gorgeous, neutral and perfect for a Summer/Fall transition piece, and a token item for your collection. They normally have ample supply on Zappos.com as well as at Nordstrom…!

Frye Carmen 3-strap:

Frye Carmen Harness Tall:

Frye Carmen 14L:

Another Fall piece? Bright-colored bag. You see those crazy people coming out of Express wearing heinous bright-colored tights a la Madonna 3 years ago? Well, no thank you. I am a bit more classic. I would rather my brightness come from a luxuriously delish smelling purse, such as this one by Kate Spade. I saw it at both the Nordies in Annapolis as well as the Nordies in Towson, so it must be available elsewhere!!

Kate Spade Park Slope Short Eliza:

I <3 the Atlantic Blue, but the pink-orange-red Cerasus is intensely pretty too. But in person it gives off too much neon to me.

Another major color for fall is Burgundy. Jewel tint to it, but still a true burgundy. Lets see if I can find it in a token Fall fashion piece, like…

This one by Phoebe Couture, called the Embroidered Flutter Dress. In Magenta. Jewel-licious! [Thank you Nieman Marcus]:

And again, this teal shade. Lovely. DVF calls it Petrol. Not sure why. It doesn’t remind me of gasoline?? [Thank you Nieman Marcus]
From Nieman Marcus, this DVF piece is called the Thane Beaded-Shoulder Dress:

Pieces to recycle:

Your token LBD:

Here is my token dress. Originally purchased for Thanksgiving 2007 week at the Greenbrier, it has been my go-to Fall/Winter LBD. Gorgeous wool/cashmere blend from Banana Republic. Their dresses fit me perfectly.

Big wide belts (still… not even kidding)

Skinny belts (woohoo thank you J.Crew!)

Leather jackets, in every shade under the rainbow

Fur coats (of course, when it is colder, but really, can I just show up to a football game in a fur coat? Will I be booed? I mean, I LOVE mine, but is it acceptable? I inherited mine so it isn’t like I am going against my whole Environmental Studies self. Then again, I am not a hippy and I dont own a pair of Birkenstocks and I do not not shave and I am not a member of the Democratic Party…)

On a unrelated note, here is one of my favorite pictures of me ever (note the emerald green jewel-tone dress!! gotta love storing good pieces!):

The Greenbrier Thanksgiving 2007 at probably around 1am. I had drunk a bottle of champagne by myself. There is a fabulous story here, I promise.

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