So, where have I been for the past few months? Well, to put it simply, I haven’t had ANY internet at my house. We had HughesNet which was the devil, and over priced, and just all-around bad. So, we recently realized with school starting back up again I would NEED some kind of internet. We […]

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Mad love for Mad Men

Does anyone else find the show Mad Men simply intoxicating? I don’t mean because everyone on the show is a true WASP and boozer, I just mean because the show sucks you into the time period. The show I can closely link it to is The West Wing, because of their similarities in style. It […]

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Hello World!

Worthington: OMGWorthington: I am Ranked #6 on GOOGLERAN: I can’t wait until you come visit once I move to brian’sRAN: OMG what?Worthington: for this search : happier a fine frenzyWorthington: in which i posted only 5 hours ago the lyricsRAN: haha what?!RAN: HAHAWorthington: because no one had them onlineRAN: haaaaaaahahaRAN: that’s hilarious

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