Hello Ladies!!! (and a select number of Gents)

Who likes my outfit today?

05-21-09 by wwj3697 featuring J Crew

For some ungodly reason, most all I am wearing is J.Crew but Polyvore was not pulling up my clothing pieces, grr, and I just about gave up as I JUST bought them LAST WEEK. What the eff? Anyhew, here is my outfit for today, as it is sunny and warm here in The Commonwealth…

Since moving, things have been so insane… we HAD internet for a little while – like, 2-3 weeks?, and then I cancelled it because our first bill was $75.00 and it was an obligatory 2 year contract at that price! Who are we KIDDING. HughesNet sucks monkey butt!

Anyway, I have been getting used to my new job, at the lingerie boutique, and it isn’t as sorority hazing-esque as it had been previously, thank goodness. I really love the girls and I think I am just having to get used to them being city girls and not all Southern charm and love like my lame butt is!!Anyway, I love the shop as well sell THE best brands of lingerie. Best as in, the affordable-but-still-above-average expensive best…

Primadonna/Marie Jo
This is the PrimaDonna Mayfair…:

(this is the Mischa) — their model freaks me out

This is the Savannah – gorgeous, right?

The Emmanuelle (which we sold out of pretty fast, have one bra left!):

We carry a few other bra lines, as well as other lines for sleepwear, shapewear, etc —- but anyhew, pretty stuff right?

I will do another post soon!!


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