He’s Just Not That Into You

One of my BFF’s – Zazu Pitts, and I saw He’s Just Not that Into You this weekend. We went to a less-popular theater and got great seats and I had so much fun seeing a chick flick.

Of course, since I was seeing it with her, and we both are as bad as Whitney Port (of The Hills) when it comes to facial expressions – we had to make many and express shock over some scenes. I never read the book (as I have been unlucky in love but haven’t had issues with anyone in a long-long term relationship) – and have always chocked up experiences as just that, experience. I am not a 30-something like the women all in this movie are (well, upper 20s with Gennifer Goodwin, of course).

All in all, I loved the movie. There were parts where it kind-of dragged, and I felt like the “interviews” between “chapters” was a bit cliche, then again this was written by a former member of the original SATC crew. BUT, acting was good, lines were funny, guys were occasionally a-holes, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

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