Seafarer Counselor

Oh God Give me a Seafarer Counselor
By Johnny Seagull (who would like to marry a Seafarer
Counselor one day)

Oh God, give me a Seafarer counselor.
You know, the kind who rolls with the punches and does not throw them
The kind who is not afraid to stand on her bench and belt out songs, even in public places.
She does not think twice about sending in her card in the fall to tell the directors that “you can count on me in 2003,” while she secretly hopes that she can check a box to remain a counselor forever
For her pet peeve is when people who do not understand camp and ask her when she is finally going to get a “real job.”
For when did impacting the lives of hundreds of children not become a “real job?”

Oh God, give me a Seafarer counselor.
You know, the kind who is more than willing to blow a month’s pay check on a midnight party for her cabin who has been amazing, or for her cabin who has had its run of problems, or “wrinkles.”
A Seafarer counselor is understanding, compassionate, and most importantly, a role model.
She goes to sleep way after her campers, and wakes up before they do to encourage them that, yes, it is once again a beautiful day in Arapahoe, NC.
However, the liquid sunshine days are of course beautiful, too.
Who would want to continue napping when there are intense games of cards and Mafia, fashion shows and manicures, and curious campers wanting to drill their counselors about everything in life imaginable??

Oh God, give me a Seafarer counselor.
You know, the kind who teaches first ranks over and over again until the words become almost automatic, yet she is just as enthused for the camper who gets her Private on the closing day of camp as for the girl who has worked for ten years for her general.
She reports to her activity chief, or master, everyday with a willing heart to teach and play with children.
And the chiefs secretly know that their activity has the best staff she could possibly imagine.
Everyone she meets is an equal in her eyes.
She is sharp to notice the “stand out great kids” who are not struggling; however, she knows that the ones that do not stand out that they are the ones that need her the most.

Oh God, give me a Seafarer counselor.
You know, the kind who forgets that it is 100 degrees outside (except for when she needs to put sunscreen on her kids) and pumps her campers up to win the Spirit Flag.
Following by her example, the children forget temperature and scream and jump and cheer their hearts out, despite the sweat that has overcome their little bodies.
It is all worth it when Susie Seafarer can write home and tell her parents that her cabin is the most spirited and they have possessed the flag.
A Seafarer counselor almost forgets that she is even a person who has needs also, for
her focus remains on her campers at all times.
She is the most unselfish person that you will ever meet.

Oh God, give me a Seafarer counselor.
You know, the kind who knows that she is the person she is today because of camp.
Whether she has grown up at Camp Seafarer, or she has spent one summer there, she is inevitably changed for the better.
It is amazing how camp has a way of doing that.
The new counselor is not afraid to admit that, at summer’s end, that yes, the “cult” that has claimed so many victims possesses another member for its growing group of the most incredible people you will ever meet.
The school year will be spent with the risk of being yelled at by “un-cult” members if she tells another story that starts out “One Time, at Seafarer…”

Oh God, give me a Seafarer counselor.
You know, the kind who knows that for a good skit there must be costumes, a good song, and someone willing to act crazy.
She knows that life without television and a phone is doable, and nothing can compare to a Seafarer sunset on the pier.
She is even a little grateful for reveille and the rest period bugle because it means it is time to get out of bed and go have some more fun.
She not only will run a marathon to send kids to camp, but she will wear a mullet wig proudly to the finish line.
She does not take a dessert if there are not enough, she stays up to write her campers notes that will greet them and encourage them when they wake up, and she has an
unbelievable appreciation for rest period.
She knows that there is nothing better than coming back from time off with little notes on her bed telling her that she was missed.
It is often said that camp is not the real world, but isn’t that a shame?
These are the reasons why I want a Seafarer Counselor.

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