oh jeez

Was anyone else yesterday distracted by Lady Aretha Franklin’s hat? I mean, I know the gays and trans-gendereds love her so I am SUUUUURE this hat will be copy-catted all over the place!!! My goodness! Advertisements

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Ellen and the Hawaiian chair

My BFF Libby just put this hysterical link on her blog. I had an awful day and I really needed the laugh this funny clip from Ellen provided. I will do an update soon, I’ve just had a lot of stuff going on personally… : (

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Seafarer Counselor

Oh God Give me a Seafarer CounselorBy Johnny Seagull (who would like to marry a SeafarerCounselor one day) Oh God, give me a Seafarer counselor. You know, the kind who rolls with the punches and does not throw themThe kind who is not afraid to stand on her bench and belt out songs, even in […]

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