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UPDATE: My favorite rings are the 1st one and the last (4th) one. Both look incredible on. the other two are less-expensive, but very pretty as well. M would make me a happy woman with any of these — he is just such a perfect guy, and a gentleman!! Plus, he makes me feel safer than I’ve ever felt. Which is the kind of guy I need to settle down with…

Tried on so many rings yesterday with Libby at Finks that I got a blister on the knuckle of THAT finger. I am definitely a size 7, wish more rings came in that size and not a flipping 6!!!

Regardless, it was good to start fresh and really be looking at rings. After Adam and I broke things off last year I wasn’t really sure that looking at rings would be that fun, but this was way better. Plus, having a best friend around doesn’t hurt, either!

I’ll tell you what each of these rings are, but not the price, as a lady doesn’t discuss prices of her finest jewelry…

This one is my favorite. This ring is the Ashoka-cut Anastasia ring, with pave diamonds:

This is the Ashoka trilogy ring:

This is from the Endless Love collection by Ritani. It is an Aschler-cut diamond ring:

This is a lovely Finks custom-made, pre-made Cushion-cut double-band ring. They can tweak these if you want, but I think the pre-made is just as beautiful:

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  1. I found that when I went to look at rings, what I had seen in pictures I didn’t like at all and ended up liking a ring I never thought I would.

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